Let’s talk kidney disease

(7 April 2019) It’s Kidney Health Week, so let’s talk kidneys.

Kidney disease can be hard to detect, but with a regular kidney check through your GP, it may be detected earlier, improving health outcomes.  It is an especially good idea to have this check regularly if you:

?have diabetes
?have high blood pressure
?have established heart problems (heart failure or heart attack) or have had a stroke
?have a family history of kidney failure
?are obese with a body mass index (BMI) 30 or higher
?are a smoker
?are 60 years or older
?are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin
?have a history of acute kidney injury.

If this is you, there are a couple of things you can do this week.
1. Have a look at @kidneyhealthaustralia to find out more about kidneys and Kidney Health Week, and;
2. Book a video consultation with a SwiftDoc GP via the booking link at the top of the page.

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