Have you checked your asthma action plan?

(7 May 2019) It’s World Asthma Day!

Did you know that 45% of Australians are living with uncontrolled asthma?

We can help you manage your asthma with an asthma review.

What can an asthma review cover?

✔️A review of your current asthma management process
✔️An assessment of your asthma medication to make sure it is at the right level
✔️A check to make sure your inhaler technique is just right
✔️An up to date Asthma Action plan for school or work, or just for reference if things have changed.

Regularly checking in with your GP to discuss your asthma management plan is important.  We can do this with you via video consultation.  Simply book an appointment and we’ll call you back at your chosen time.

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