Are you a FIFO worker?

(2 May 2019) Are you a FIFO worker?  Shift worker?  Work somewhere remote?  Then you probably find that the 9-5 business day doesn’t really apply to you?

It can be quite hard to take care of your health when your working life doesn’t fit the norm.  Perhaps the only time you have spare for appointments is Sunday afternoon, or you’re not due back in town for another two weeks.

That’s where SwiftDoc can help.  Our online video consultation service allows you to chat to a GP when you need to, not when your shift finishes and you’re tired, or in two weeks’ time when you get an RDO.

It’s pretty simple – book an appointment at a time that suits you and we’ll call you back.

You can also download the SwiftDoc app from the App Store – or from Google Play.

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