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SwiftDoc is simple, convenient and cost-effective. You save time and effort by avoiding time off work, travelling to a doctor’s surgery and waiting in a noisy waiting room with lots of sick patients.

Yes all patient records are confidential. We use the same software used in many surgeries across Australia and all data is dealt with according to our privacy policy.

You can use any iOS or Android smartphone that can connect to the internet and play video. A phone capable of streaming video effectively will be suitable to access SwiftDoc. You need to download our App, which is called SwiftDoc and is downloadable for FREE from the App Store or Google Play store.

We prefer to do our video calling using the SwiftDoc App but we can also call you using Skype or FaceTime. SwiftDoc will always call you. If you need to contact us, please use the Contact Us page of the website.

Yes you can launch a video call with the doctor from your laptop or desktop as well as a smartphone. Just go to the website and click on the menu button that says ‘Launch Video Call’ and the SwiftDoc app will launch. Your computer needs to have a webcam.

Yes. We can refer you to any specialist anywhere in Australia. Our doctors will write the referral and email it to you as a secure PDF (these letters are uneditable- content cannot be changed but letters are printable so you can take a copy to the Specialist). We can also email the referral letter to your specialist if you do not have a printer. We will receive replies electronically (which makes us paperless).

Yes. Simply make an appointment, choosing the WorkCover option (there’s no charge). We will deal with all your certificates, referrals, imaging and investigations.

Presently, no Medicare rebate is payable for this service but this may change in the future.

Yes if it is clinically appropriate.

The price of a video consultation is $49.00. Repeat prescription appointments are $49.00.  All patients are charged the same price regardless of age or concession status. If you have a form that needs to be completed by a doctor, SwiftDoc can do that for you. The price for completing forms depends on the time taken to complete them.

Currently the cost of our service is covered by most health insurance companies.  Always check your cover first.  Please note, for all appointments, we call you and we are charged for data usage. If you are overseas at the time of your appointment, you are responsible for any extra charges by your network provider.

Our opening hours are subject to change and will be updated regularly. Presently we are available out-of-hours, evenings, weekends, public holidays and during the day. Some of our doctors choose to offer appointments between certain hours. Appointment times depend on when the doctor you have chosen has made themselves available.

Very. Our doctors are highly qualified in many different fields of medicine with postgraduate qualifications and many years experience in General Practice and some specialties.

Yes. Mental health problems can easily be treated using the SwiftDoc service. Patients feel very comfortable because they can be at home for their consultations. We can prescribe medications if clinically appropriate. We offer on-going follow up and monitoring. We can refer to psychologists and other mental health professionals if needed.

Presently appointments are 10 minutes long but this may change in the future.

We cover all of Australia.

Within reason. It is very important that we keep to time so that you do not experience a delay for your appointment. Dealing with multiple medical problems in one appointment is at the discretion of your doctor. It is better to spend time on 1 important issue rather than less time on 2 or 3 issues. We will do our best to satisfy you as a customer as well as treat you safely as a patient.

18 out of 20 of the most common problems seen in General Practice can be managed safely through video conferencing. There are some obvious examples of conditions that SwiftDoc cannot treat e.g. emergencies.

Your card payments are encrypted and secured by Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. SwiftDoc does not store any of your credit card details.

Your medical notes are confidential and are stored in accordance with data protection legislation. As a patient of SwiftDoc, we have a duty to you to maintain strict confidentiality in respect of your affairs. In handling personal information, we are subject to the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) and are required to comply with the National Privacy Principles in the Act. You can read SwiftDoc’s full Privacy Policy and SwiftDoc’s Terms of Service.

All efforts will be made to run on time but sometimes delays will occur. If a delay does occur, we will still do our utmost to see you as soon as possible. Please read the Terms of Service for further information.

Yes. You can collect your prescription from any Pharmacy. You must tell us which pharmacy you have chosen.

If results are abnormal and it is something simple, we will call you to give you your results on the phone at no cost to you. If there is something that requires more in depth discussion and referral for further investigations (blood tests, CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-rays) or a referral to a specialist, we will email you and request that you make an appointment through the website and you will have to pay for an appointment.

No you do not have to pay again. Refunds can be processed easily. We will always endeavour to reschedule when you are in a better service area.

Simply reschedule using the email we send to you- there is a link in the email to click in order to cancel or reschedule.

Yes. You can easily send us a form that needs completing through our website. You can take a photograph of the document on your phone or, if it is a word document or PDF, drag it into the file upload box. Upload it to us via our website- there is a button to do this on almost all pages of the website. We will convert your image into a secure PDF, complete it and sign it and once you have paid the relevant fee, we will email it back to you.

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