Do you find that your medical history is a bit disjointed? Meet Dr Pieris.

(28 March 2019) Do you find that your medical history is a bit disjointed?  You might have a range of medical issues, interacting together, some exacerbating others, symptoms overlapping, each being covered by a different specialist, neither quite sure what the other is doing…

Enter Dr Janaka Pieris.  A physician of 25 years, he prides himself on being the doctor that can provide the holistic approach needed when dealing with a variety of medical issues – guiding you as the patient to understand how your medical issues interact, and helping to keep track of complex and conflicting health problems.

As a valuable GP in the SwiftDoc family, Dr Pieris is just a few clicks away. Book a video consult to discuss your medical issues, arrange prescriptions, specialist referrals, tests and scans, Dr Pieris will work with you to improve your health and healthcare outcomes.

Dr Janaka Pieiris, GP (MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP, FRACPG)

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